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Please use the following template when creating new articles on Security companies or editing articles.
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(just copy and paste the contents of this text box into a new article and fill in the blanks, simple as that.)


+ Corporate Information
(corporate information and history of the company goes here)

+ Notable Past Events
++ Sports
++ Arts
++ Special Events

+ SIRD Grading
++ "Not Graded", "A", "B", "C", "D"(select one)

+ Contact Details
++++ Telephone
(Number including "(65)" should be split as well, e.g. "61234567" should be "(65) 6123 4567"
++++ Fax
(Same as above)
++++ Email
+ Location

(head to http:\\www.streetdirectory.com and type in the address, the paste the link, rename it to map.
(Postal code here)
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