Tags and Their Meanings

For your ease of navigation, we have tagged the various articles with relevant, easy to understand tags.
The Tags also serve as a "sorting" system.
The following are the meaning of the tags:

Tag Name Meaning
(sird-a) Graded 'A' by SIRD
(sird-b) Graded 'B' by SIRD
(sird-c) Graded 'C' by SIRD
(sird-d) Graded 'D' by SIRD
(sird-na) Not Graded By SIRD or Not Found
vip Provides escort/bodyguard Services for event VIPs
g-eq Provides Equipment Guarding
res Provides Regional Event Security
mice Handles Security for "MICE" Events
sports Handles Security for Sports and Leisure Events
arts Handles Security for Arts Events
se Handles Security for Special Events
eq Provides Security related Equipment



MICE Events
Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions.
Special Events
Examples of Special Events include (but not are limited to) Product launches, Festivals and Parades.
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