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Welcome to the Singapore Event Risk Management portal, which is the result of research in the area of Event Risk Management conducted by the academic staff (led by principal investigator Mr Lee Wee Leong) and students of Republic Polytechnic.

Our aim is to provide Event Organizers with a one-stop information portal to assist in Risk Management for their events. One of the first areas we have rolled out is an easy to use, yet extensive catalogue of the various security agencies in Singapore that provide security services for events, a result of a Final Year Project by a team of RP students.

We welcome any feedback on how we can improve, as well as any potential areas for collaboration in this vital area of Event Risk Management.

Wee Leong


Student team - Final Year Project "Catalogue of Security agencies in Singapore"

  • Mr Sean Yip Xing Wang
  • Mr Ang Kun Rong
  • Ms Tan Sok Hong
  • Ms Goh Choon Hua

Lee Wee Leong
Principal Investigator
Event Risk Management/ Hospitality Competency Centre
School of Hospitality (in collaboration with Raffles Hotel and Resorts)
Republic Polytechnic

Security Industry Regulatory Department

Main Article on SIRD

The Security Industry Regulatory Department is a department under the Singapore Police Force with the aim of creating "A well-regulated, strong and reliable private security industry, working in partnership with the Home Team to ensure the safety and security of Singapore .


Grade Definition Percentage
A Excellent >=80%
B Good 65%< and < 80%
C Satisfactory 50%< and < 65%
D Unsatisfactory <50%
Not Graded Did not participate N.A.

Tags and their Meanings

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We have added tags to the catalog to aid in your navigation and make the wiki more user friendly.

Tag Name Meaning
(sird-a) Graded 'A' by SIRD
(sird-b) Graded 'B' by SIRD
(sird-c) Graded 'C' by SIRD
(sird-d) Graded 'D' by SIRD
(sird-na) Not Graded By SIRD or Not Found
vip Provides escort/bodyguard Services for event VIPs
g-eq Provides Equipment Guarding
res Provides Regional Event Security
mice Handles Security for "MICE" Events
sports Handles Security for Sports and Leisure Events
arts Handles Security for Arts Events
se Handles Security for Special Events
eq Provides Security related Equipment
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